Professional course in International education

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Course description

This course is created to widen participants’ scope and approach toward teaching and
learning So that, their practices match the most recent international trends in
education. It is designed for teachers who are not familiar and have not worked in
international education environments. The course provides teachers with fundamental
concepts and techniques that are required to fulfill international standards in a
studied subject. It gives a good opportunity to have a deep understanding for the
international education systems and how they are different from our national system.
However, it is considered a professional development course in general for teachers
who keen to develop their strategies and teaching practices.
At the end of the course, trainees will complete a curriculum guide for a selected part
of their own subject and grade. Trainees will also plan and carry out a practical demo
In support of this expectation, a daily assignment and positive participation in
discussion are very important to reach course goals. Trainees are to read and prepare
for next day tasks. Sessions will be founded on direct instruction, discussion, active
construction and presentation of teacher practices. Trainees are recommended to
accomplish assigned tasks during each session.